Today has had some good news, and some indifferent news.

The good news was great – but I am not allowed to speak of what it is yet because the person whom it is central to does not yet know. All I can say is that it is a work in progress, but just to get to this point has taken me months to work through the logistics.  However, I think all will be well, and someone should be able to achieve a fantastic goal in the near future.

The indifferent news was for me, and was disappointing.  I was applying to do a course, and whilst I didn’t have quite what they were looking for in the spec, I was still hoping that I might get a chance to put my best self across at an interview.  But no. They will not even consider my application because of that one thing.  That is fair enough. But I was still so disappointed to get the e-mail to say that they would not even read my application because  my degree qualification was not what they were looking for.  Despite the fact that I have proven myself in my field with post-graduate work and qualifications since graduating (which was sooooooo long ago now).

Still, even with this disappointment I suddenly realised that my brain was already working on ways around this.  I want to achieve my goal so much that it appears my subconscious was already in on the act!

Have you ever really wanted to achieve something and found that there are obstacles in the way? How did you feel about the obstacles?

I have always looked at obstacles as being a way of testing your resolve.  I think that they are there to see just how badly you want something in life.  After all – if it was easy, then we’d all have everything that we wanted wouldn’t we?  If it just landed in our lap – then would we actually appreciate it?

Sometimes we have to work hard for the things that we truly want.  The valued things will never come easy.  The lessons we may learn from working hard at one thing may make something else feel easier next time we experience something similar.

What have you managed to achieve despite the odds?  How did you overcome any obstacles that popped up?  Did you find you learned more from the experience that you thought you might?

Share your stories – you may help someone else to learn from your experience!

Have a great day!

Vixx 😀



Twitter: @KineticL


4 thoughts on “Goals.

  1. Nice timing Vixx. I have an obstacle thrown at me today: I have either a serious soft-tissue injury in my foot or a stress fracture. Either way, I’ll probably be unable to run for 4-12 weeks 😦 . So much for my 12 marathons in 12 months challenge. But I still want to run a 100km race in either May or June (that’s when the two races I am deciding between are on). I can either sit at home and get fat again. Or I can swim, bike, gym and get into yoga for a few months and then start following a proper program from scratch. I’m going with the latter.

    I’ll learn more about my resolve by having to contend with this obstacle. I’ll also be fitter in the long run if I am systematic about building a base. Instead of bumbling my way through the 12-in-12 without sufficient training; I’ll be able to confidently tackle the 100km and then go on to confidently run more ultras well (rather than always pushing the cut-off).

    The other thing I’ve learned is that I LOVE ultras. They are my event 😉

    • Can you change to 12 events in 12 months and do some on the bike, or in the water – maybe a triathlon relay or something to keep the 12 events up?
      Cross-training won’t hurt and you’ll come back a stronger runner if done correctly and well.

      • Hmmm … I could change the events but the real attraction to me was the 12 running events. I did more than 12 events between July 2011 and May 2012 so have already done the multiple events across different sports thing.

        But in reality, I wonder whether I chose the 12-in-12 running events to force myself to get my old injuries fixed. I’ve spent many years scared of committing to running due my shin splints and ITB problems, and to a lesser extent, the pain in my left foot.

        A few years ago I made a concerted effort to sort out my mental health. The first year I thought I made good progress. The second year I discovered that I’d only scraped the surface. the surface. So I spent a year getting deeper and really sorting things out in my head. I never looked back.

        This is my second year in looking after my physical health. Last year I got fit. This year I have learned that I have only scraped the surface and need to also deal with the old injuries. Next year I won’t look back 🙂 I have decided that being injury free for the first time in 15 years will be amazing! As will running the Oxfam Trailwalker 2013 in Brisbane with 3 good friends.

  2. When you run into obstacles, find ways to work around them. A positive attitude can go a long way toward reaching your goals, and getting noticed for your ability to inspire and motivate.

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